Baseball Basics

Baseball is a sport that involves a lot of running, jumping, throwing and running back and forth on a field. It is played for a single or multiple innings depending upon the game rules. It is also known as baseball but is widely played as Little League Baseball or High School baseball. is one of the most popular games in the United States. It is a sport that can be played by children even when they are young.

DescriptionThe game of baseball is played between two teams who each take turns carrying a ball around the field. The game continues when a team on the offense takes the field, called the pitching team, and throws a ball into the field in an attempt to hit a baseball with a bat that is provided by the other team. The bat that the player uses must have twenty ounces of lead steel with a weight of at least two pounds. The baseball used by the team on offense must not be smaller than ninety pounds. The baseball used on defense for defense is only ten ounces and must not weigh more than one pound. There are two teams on each side of the field.

RulesWhen playing a baseball game, the umpire in the proper fashion calls the strike zone (also known as the areas between the two teams or batters) before the start of the game. Once the official begins to call the strike zone, all players on each team must stop their actions and stand up until the ball has been put into play. Then the players may bat or throw at the ball. There are nine players on each team who participate in the game.

PositionsOn the first and third baser positions, two players dressed in full uniform (blue and red pants and shirts) are usually placed in front of the home plate. On the second and fourth baser positions, two players dressed in white pants and shirts are usually placed in front of home plate. Position players in the outfield (green and white jerseys) face the second base coach and other players in the outfield. Pitchers wear green and white jerseys while relievers wear white and black jerseys. When the game is concluded, the home plate is removed from the baseball field and the trophies and records are awarded. This process repeats four times for every game.

Batting On each offensive team, the batter takes the field at bat once the ball is pitched. Once the player takes the field, the player’s position is placed under the ball – right field, left field, center field, and right pitching. In some baseball leagues, the position of the manager is also placed under the ball, so the team managers and coaches do not have to move while playing. Once the player is in the box, he must face the other two players in his assigned position. The pitcher throws the ball to one of the two players in the two teams in front of him.

Pitchers may use three pitches – fastball, slowballs, and curveballs – or they may use all three pitches at one time to strike out the base runner at the plate. When the at-bat ends, the teams resume play on a normal baseball field. Each team must bat three times, starting with the bottom-most player first. After all players have had their three consecutive at-bats, the game is over and the winner is the team with the most at-bats.g

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