Basketball: An Introduction

Basketball is a popular team sport where two teams, usually of five people each, against each other on a flat rectangular court, fight for the advantage of winning the game by making three points during each half of an NBA basketball game. The game is played for three hours and fifteen minutes, including overtime. Although it may seem simple, basketball involves a lot of strategy and practice. Even the youngest players have learned how to play the game of basketball even if they do not yet know any specific rules.

Shooting a basketball involves dribbling the ball and making passes along the court. Dribbling involves a series of actions such as getting the ball between two defenders, spotting up a possible shot that can be made, and then shooting the ball through the hoop. Passing involves arranging the ball into an organized basket, getting a teammate to kick the ball into the basket, and then recovering the basketball after it has been kicked.

Basketball is played in a variety of different arenas. Regular season NBA basketball games are played for the most part within the month of April, and play begins the following month in May. , also known as the Eastern and Western Conference playoffs, begin in the first week of May and continue through the season. There are four types of playoff games: the first round, the second round, the conference finals, and the championship series. All four plays for the same set of teams.

Basketball is played by teams of two players each. When a point is made by the team player with a free throw attempt, the ball is awarded to the team with the best score. The game is played for three hours and fifteen minutes, including overtime as well. A basket is scored when a player makes a basket or pass into the basket, or makes a shot, or passes into the basket or uses their foot to pass to a player on the floor. Free throws are made periodically throughout the game. The game is not played with three point shots, though some variation of the three-point shot can be made.

Basketball is played in an extremely intense atmosphere. Getting a foul in the game can often result in a player being sent to the hospital, or worse yet, to the court where they can spend additional time in the hospital. With that in mind, it is incredibly important that if a player is injured during basketball that medical attention is sought as soon as possible. Leaving a life threatening injury untreated can be extremely dangerous.

Basketball is played with a standard basketball goal hoop that is raised up on a frame on the top floor of the building. That is usually referred to as a half court goal. The basketball goal is raised up so that the ball can automatically given out to the person who has been awarded the ball through a mechanical system called a “shot clock” (also known as an “automatic count”). This is very different than the way in which football is played, in that in football the ball is automatically given to the person who receives the football after the ball has been kicked through the goal post.g

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