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Before 늑대닷컴 get excited, there’s still no sign of the revived Marvelman returning. Stand up comedians still have it easy, because they can emote on stage and change their work on the ground after having a check on audience reaction. Short films are now in trend due to an easy connection between audience and the maker with the help of social platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook etc. Short films these days are not just the work of independent directors or students, even big shot directors of long movies are also getting into this genre. The issues of Warlord that it was in were 349 to 354, which have the same cover dates as 2000AD, although Warlord managed to reprint the first advert instead of the second advert in issue 350 and then got back on track with the third one in issue 351. Since Clash was one of the big family movies of that summer it can be seen from the issue dates that the adverts were being used as a prolonged trailer for the child readers of the comics as they end as the school summer holidays would have been starting. Talking of Titan Books, they’ve just released the first issue of Tank Girl: Skidmarks, a 4-issue, monthly mini-series, revised (“now with added swearing”) and re-coloured from its Judge Dredd Megazine appearance.

This is talking up the original Marvelman way beyond its quality. Personally, I’d have done it the other way around: relaunch Marvelman and do the nostalgia magazine once the new character has been established and some curiosity aroused. This way you can watch a movie any time you want to, with anyone you want to and in any lazy form you wish to. While it does seem like an odd idea now, the deservedly forgotten Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith wild animal movie Roar also received the same treatment around the same time. Yet while it was published at the same time to advertise the same film with a comic strip by the same artist, this was no reprint or reformatting of the six half page weekly strips. One project I’m hoping that we can get together is a collection of some of Doughty’s historical strips which are amazing. Come June, I strongly suspect that the arrival of “one of the most important characters in comic book history” will be met with a resounding “Meh”.

Last week, Interim Executive Director Jeff Trexler sat down for an interview with Calvin Reid of the Publishers Weekly More to Come podcast. Skyline Markets Review so that all you have to do is to invest and wait for the returns to come to you in due time. You need to spend time to identify groups that are actually working and focused on a particular sport. Patrick Wright’s artwork is clean, clear and accurate as befits the advertiser’s need to represent the characters and monsters as they would be seen in the film. The British Clash Of The Titans was a comic strip advert for the film which also promoted Smith’s Snacks. In the early 1980s the main monthly magazine that would feature fantasy films was Marvel UK’s Starburst and issue 34 had a two page advert of the Clash of The Titans comic strip also advertising the Smith’s Snacks tie-in. Smith’s Snacks, or Smith’s Crisps as they are better remembered, were running a £10,000 holiday competition along as a tie-in with Clash Of The Titans on their packets.

This article includes all six weekly versions of the Clash Of The Titans advertising strip. But that wasn’t the end of the story for the Clash advertising strip. By that time, with a mixture of comics work behind him that included strips in 2000AD and Battle, Pat Wright had illustrated Modesty Blaise in the London Evening Standard from 25 November 1979 through to 14 October 1980, taking over the “Eve and Adam” story from the departing John M Burns and then illustrating the full length of the ten month long “Brethren Of Blaise”. I know they’ve reprinted loads of US comics in graphic novel form and rebranded many hundreds more, and they run original comic strips in their magazines (and I emphasise magazines), but this is their first comicbook-sized comic in 25 years! After his work on the adverts he would go one to illustrate various strips in IPC’s new Eagle and DC Thomson’s The Crunch. Priced $3.99, the one-shot comes with two covers, one by Mick Anglo and one by Joe Quesada.

Joe Taylor (sports bettor). Each sports activity has separate requirement of ground and keeping that in mind a perfect sports ground is created. We could talk about the physical benefits that participation in sports brings all day, but that discussion is pretty much a no-brainer. Volume 1 is done and I should have volume 2 finished in a few days. Shoot me down in flames if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the first actual honest-to-god American-sized monthly comic Titan have published since the heady days of Eagle Comics in the early 1980s? The Wildcats earned a share of the football title and finished first in Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field. This is the very first issue to kick off Captain America in his very own title during the silver age. 1 of an ongoing series reprinting some of Marvelman’s greatest adventures for the first time in the USA. The time of the basketball match is limited and fixed while the time of the tennis match may be different.g

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