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18 came out last week and was a phenomenal pitch-perfect ending to Grant Morrison’s run on the title. Prairie View confidence is soaring after their big road victory last week at Alabama State. The 2009 MEAC 800-meter champion, Holmes has competed in the NCAA nationals in each of the last two years. 12 was going to be the last issue, I knew that I had three issues left to say what we wanted to say. After the earliest issues of this title, I started to get a sense that this story wasn’t so much a story about an evil 5th dimensional imp as it was a commentary on Superman himself in this grungy world of current comics. How can he survive a comic world where the dollar seems to be mightier than a pure hero? How can I come up with a good title for my comic? A good thing about it is you can share the knowledge with your family and friends.

The only thing I read by Pak is World War Hulk which was something of a mess for me.꽁머니 and more metatextual snippets were being put into the book including but not limited to the inclusion of creator rights, Silver Age visuals, Golden Age sensibilities, a sense of the timelessness of Superman, and the vile Super-Doomsday – a warped Superman which would fit in perfectly in the New 52 DC world. Among the millions of websites and media hubs out there one now has an option and while being aided by powerful search engines and data bases one can classify data and locate through them. How can Superman perform the impossible and remain a symbol of good, inspiring humanity while being one of us? But seriously, the best thing about meeting Jimenez was just taking part in the conversation while I waited. One thing that I think has been missing in the Superman comics since the New 52 took over is Clark. They are the closest thing you can get to Crisis on Infinite Earths. Can Superman defeat commercialism, a desire to make him easier to sell? If you like Morrison, if you can deal with some of his zaniness and go along for the ride, if you can believe a man can fly and call upon the spirit of humanity to defeat the devil you should not miss this book.

I like Lee’s art. And I have gushed about Kuder’s art on this blog before. With that sort of timeless feeling of Superman, Rags Morales and Brad Walker make the perfect art combination bring a sort of ‘steady’ feel to the book, a more understated look at Superman in this age of crazy panels and wonky stylizations. So I am glad that Pak is talking about bringing Clark back into the book, back in Superman as his core. The second annual New York Comic-con was organized much better, even bringing out Steven King and Stan Lee to meet fans. But someone even got a Transformer! There might be some reasons behind the action of watching football match. And again, I like how Superman might be used as a metaphor for human struggles. Interesting that this book is Batman/Superman and not Superman/Batman like the old version. It took this long to look through the book and decide which panels should be included in the review. It took me this long to try to temper myself so I didn’t simply gush.

So I was thrilled to get them signed by Jimenez and gush a bit about them. But then Morrison turns it on his head a bit. While the characters do have their gimmicks and can seem a bit cliche at the start. Heck, in this current market where books have Superman punching a pregnant Lois to death aren’t we an angstrom away from seeing this. 9, Super-Doomsday has to represent Morrison’s thoughts about the current comics market. And yet, despite the K-chains, the Anti-Superman squad, the crushing mental attacks of Vyndktvx, Morrison’s Superman continues to fight the never-ending battle. So when the Red-K woman member of the Anti-Superman Squad gives Superman a kiss, he suffers from vicious hallucinations. During my time in line I saw some great commissions – Magik and Wonder Woman were quite popular. There was great talk about just about everything from Wonder Woman to Aquaman to the dark edge of comics and a variety of other topics. Anyways, I couldn’t wait to talk to Jimenez about these two issues of Wonder Woman, the Worlds At War crossovers.g

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